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> Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
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Fluid Mechanics
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
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> Physics and Properties of Fluids
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> Principles of Hydrodynamics
> Flow in Pipes
> Methods of Flow Rate Measurement
> Open-Channel Flow
> Flow around Bodies
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> Compact Fluid Mechanics: Fluidtutor
TM 605
Coriolis Force
Demonstration of the coriolis force in rotating reference systems

WL 202
Fundamentals of Temperature Measurement
Experimental introduction to temperature measurement technology: methods, areas of application, characteristics

WL 203
Fundamentals of Pressure Measurement
Measurement of positive and negative pressure with different measuring devices

HM 160
Experimental Flume 86x300mm
Experimental section for performing flow experiments in open flumes with lengths of 2,5m or 5m available, closed water circuit and inclination adjustment

WL 102
Change of State of Gases
Experimental investigation of gas laws and changes of state

WL 204
Vapour Pressure of Water - Marcet Boiler
Pressure and temperature measurement in a steam boiler

HM 150.02
Calibration of Pressure Gauges
Pressure generation via weight-loaded piston

HM 150.18
Osborne Reynolds Experiment
Visualisation of laminar and turbulent flow

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