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Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
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> Principles of Heat Transfer
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WL 201
Fundamentals of Humidity Measurement
Comparison of four measuring methods of humidity in a climatic chamber with adjustable humidity

WL 202
Fundamentals of Temperature Measurement
Experimental introduction to temperature measurement technology: methods, areas of application, characteristics

WL 920
Advanced Temperature Measurement Trainer
Comparison of steady and non-steady state temperature measurement using seven typical measuring devices

WL 203
Fundamentals of Pressure Measurement
Measurement of positive and negative pressure with different measuring devices

WL 102
Change of State of Gases
Experimental investigation of gas laws and changes of state

WL 440
Free and Forced Convection
Calculation of convective heat transfer at different geometries: flat plate, cylinder, tube bundle

WL 362
Thermal Radiation Unit
Investigation of thermal and light radiation using a thermopile and lux meter

WL 460
Heat Transfer by Radiation
Effect of different surfaces on heat transfer

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