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GL 410
Gear Assembly Unit: Simple Drives
Versatile assembly exercise for simple drives using a belt, chain sprockets or a roller chain

GL 420
Gear Assembly Unit: Combined Drives
Versatile assembly exercise for combined drives

GL 430
Gear Assembly Unit: Step and Shift Gears
Versatile assembly exercise for various step and gear units

MT 170
Assembly Exercise: Shaft with Journal Bearings
Design and function of a simple journal bearing

MT 171
Assembly Exercise: Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing
Design and function of a hydrodynamic journal bearing

MT 152
Assembly Exercise: Spur Gear
Design and function of a spur gear with helical gear wheels

MT 110.02
Assembly Exercise: Spur Wheel / Worm Gear Mechanism
Assembly of an industrial gear unit, using simple tools and jigs

MT 172
Alignment of Drives, Shafts and Gears
Mechanical drive technology; functional testing for assembly objects MT 110, MT 110.02 and MT 170

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