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ET 101
Simple Compression Refrigeration Circuit
Cooling and heating of the heat exchangers directly tangible

ET 400
Refrigeration Circuit with Variable Load
Compression refrigeration system with water-cooled evaporator

ET 411C
Compression Refrigeration System
Comparison of different expansion elements, investigation of the effects of over- and underfilling with refrigerant

ET 352
Vapour Jet Compressor in Refrigeration Engineering
Investigation of cold production using thermal energy. Transparent condenser and evaporator allow the view into the inner workings.

ET 120
Cooling Using the Peltier Effect
Demonstration of the thermoelectric effect

ET 122
Vortex Cooling Device
Demonstration of cooling and heating with the aid of compressed air

ET 480
Absorption Refrigeration System
Investigation of a thermally driven refrigeration system without compressor that can be heated with either gas or electrically

ET 350
Changes of State in the Refrigeration Circuit
Energetic evaluations of the refrigeration cycle. Transparent components allow view inside.

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