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ET 220
Energy Conversion in a Wind Power Plant
Conversion of kinetic wind energy into electrical energy

ET 220.01
Wind Power Plant
Connection to ET 220; outdoor installation allows practically relevant investigations

ET 220.10
Control Unit for Wind Power Plant ET 220.01
Use of wind energy in stand-alone operation under real weather conditions

HM 287
Experiments with an Axial Turbine
Record characteristics of an axial reaction turbine

HM 288
Experiments with a Reaction Turbine
Record characteristics of a turbine based on the reaction force

HM 289
Experiments with a Pelton Turbine
Record characteristics of a free jet turbine

HM 291
Experiments with an Action Turbine
Record characteristics of an axial impulse turbine

HM 290
Base Unit for Turbines
Water supply for HM 288, HM 289 and HM 291

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