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ET 795
Simulation of a Gas Turbine
Simulation of a two-shaft system with power turbine allows easy understanding of the operating properties

ET 794
Gas Turbine with Power Turbine
Two-shaft system with radial compressor and two radial turbines using liquid gas

ET 792
Gas Turbine
Operation as turboshaft engine with power turbine or as jet engine with propelling nozzle using liquid gas

ET 796
Gas Turbine Jet Engine
Small single-shaft gas turbine with thrust measurement using either kerosene or petroleum

ET 860
Safety Devices on Steam Boilers
Familiarisation with boiler safety devices such as pressure and water level monitors

ET 810
Steam Power Plant with Steam Engine
Double-acting single-cylinder steam engine with gas-fired steam boiler

ET 813
Two-Cylinder Steam Engine
Single-acting steam engine with condensation for determining mechanical power and efficiency

ET 850
Steam Generator
Laboratory scale gas-fired steam generator for saturated or superheated steam; integrated condenser

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