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HL 101
Thermal Expansion Training Panel
Investigation of thermal expansion of pipe sections (PVC, PE, Cu, steel)

HL 104
Temperature Measurement Training Panel
Investigation of four different temperature measuring techniques

HL 102
Installation Technology: Losses in Different Pipes
Investigation of the pressure difference in four equal-length pipe sections made of different materials

HL 113
Installation Technology: Losses in Valves and Fittings
Investigation of the pressure loss of standard valves and fittings

HL 103
Installation Technology: Losses in Pipe Bends
Investigation of the pressure loss at pipe elements with different changes in pipe direction and materials

HL 111
Installation Technology: Losses in Straight Pipes
Determining the pressure loss in an open pipe section

HL 210
Installation Technology: Losses in a Pipe System
Investigation of pressure losses at contractions, pipe angles, pipe bends, valves and fittings and pipe elements

HL 105
Three-Way Mixing Valve Training Panel
Effect of the mixing ratio on flow temperature and circulation temperature

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