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HM 115
Hydrostatics Trainer
A well equipped hydrostatics bench allowing numerous experiments on the topic of hydrostatics of liquid and gases

HM 150.09
Horizontal Flow from a Tank
Recording the trajectory of the water jet at different outlet velocities

HM 150.06
Stability of Floating Bodies
Determining metacentre and buoyancy using a rectangular hull cross-section

HM 150.39
Floating Bodies for HM 150.06
Comparison of two different hull shapes: hard chine and round hull

HM 152
Potential Flow
Visualisation of streamlines in a Hele-Shaw cell using ink as contrast medium

HM 150.08
Measurement of Jet Forces
Demonstration of the principle of linear momentum and impact forces on interchangeable deflectors with different deflection angles

HM 150.21
Visualisation of Streamlines in an Open Channel
Flow around various drag bodies and incident flow of weirs; ink as contrast medium

HM 150.10
Visualisation of Streamlines
Investigation of flow around models in laminar, two-dimensional flow using ink as contrast medium

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