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HM 142
Separation in Sedimentation Tanks
Solid/liquid separation in a sedimentation tank, visualisation of flow conditions

CE 587
Dissolved Air Flotation
Removal of solids from raw water using dissolved air flotation

CE 579
Depth Filtration
Removal of solids by depth filtration (sand filter)

CE 701
Biofilm Process
Biological, aerobic water treatment by the biofilm process: trickling filter

CE 705
Activated Sludge Process
Laboratory scale wastewater treatment plant for aerobic biodegradation of organic substances

CE 702
Anaerobic Water Treatment
Anaerobic degradation of organic substances in stirring tank and UASB reactor for biogas production (UASB: Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket)

CE 583
Adsorption of dissolved substances on activated carbon

CE 530
Reverse Osmosis
Membrane separation process for recovering the solvent from a salt solution

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