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CE 584
Advanced Oxidation
Oxidation of organic substances with hydrogen peroxide and UV light

CE 380
Fixed Bed Catalysis
Investigation of catalytic reactions

CE 380.01
Flow Injection Analysis
Professional analysis unit for CE 380: detection of glucose

CE 100
Tubular Reactor
Demonstration of the influence of temperature and material contact time on the saponification reaction

CE 310
Supply Unit for Chemical Reactors
Basic unit for investigation and comparison of different reactors during a saponification reaction

CE 310.01
Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
Tank for continuous or batch operation with agitator, heater coil and overflow

CE 310.02
Tubular Reactor
Tube coil as a reaction tube in a water bath for continuous reaction operation

CE 310.03
Stirred Tanks in Series
Series connection of three stirred tank reactors and a process delay

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