Solar thermal energy

Solar thermal energy

Solar energy as a natural resource holds enormous potential. The annual solar energy irradiated onto the continents is about 5,000 times the global demand for primary energy. GUNT optimally supports the education of specialists towards utilising this potential in the future.


Fundamentals of solar thermal energy use

Solar thermal energy is defined as using solar power to provide heat. The heat can be used for heating in the home and for heating domestic water, as well as for process heat in industry and for steam generation in power stations and even for cooling.



ET 202 Principles of solar thermal energy

The ET 202 trainer allows you to investigate fundamental aspects of solar thermal energy use with a flat collector.


  • lighting unit for operation independent of weather conditions
  • hot water storage tank with electrical auxiliary heater
  • inclinable flat collector with replaceable absorbers
  • network capability: observe, acquire, analyse experiments via customer’s own network


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ET 202.01 Parabolic trough collector

To extend the range of experiments, the parabolic trough collector ET 202.01 is available as an accessory.


  • pivoting parabolic trough collector with highly reflective mirror
  • absorber tube with selective coating and evacuated double-walled glass tube


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Animation ET202 mit ET 202.01


Concentrating solar thermal energy

With concentrating collectors, the irradiation is multiplied optically by mirrors and lenses on the absorber. Since only the direct radiation portion can be concentrated, the use of such systems makes sense in regions with high direct irradiation.

ET 203 Parabolic trough collector with solar tracking

With ET 203, main aspects of solar thermal energy use are being investigated, applied to the parabolic trough collector.


  • mobile parabolic trough collector with motorized two-axis tracking
  • astronomical and sensor-based tracking
  • integrated router for operation and control via an end device and for screen mirroring on additional end devices: PC, tablet, smartphone


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ET 203 Animation Sonnennachführung

Azimuth and elevation tracking

Symbol ET203 Sensor 60x60Symbol ET203 Sonnennachfuehrung 60x60


The orbital and rotational movement of the earth causes the sun’s elevation and of the sun’s altitude (elevation) and orientation (azimuth). ET 203 can be tracked via two geared motors to track the position of the sun.


  • motorized two-axis tracking

  • sensor-based control or control according to calculated astronomical data



Operation and control

Operation and control are carried out via the integrated PLC and touch screen. By means of an integrated router, the trainer can alternatively be operated and controlled via an end device. The user interface can also be displayed on additional end devices (screen mirroring).



Solar thermal energy for domestic water heating

In a solar thermal collector, radiant energy is converted into heat and transferred to a heat transfer fluid in the solar circuit. The heat then gets into the hot water circuit via a heat exchanger.
HL313/314 Animation externe Bedienung

HL 313 Flat collector / HL 314 Vacuum tube collector

The flat collector HL 313 or the vacuum tube collector HL 314 can be used to demonstrate the principal aspects of solar thermal domestic water heating in a system with components used in real world applications.


  • systems with heat exchanger and two separate circuits
  • solar controller with data logger and integrated router for operation via web browser using an end device and for tracking experiments on numerous end devices: PC, tablet, smartphone


Here you can find further information about the products:

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HL 313.01 Artificial light source

The artificial light source HL 313.01 as an accessory enables solar energy experiments independently of natural sunlight, for example in closed laboratory rooms.


  • light source comprising halogen lamps
  • reproducible test conditions for trainers on solar energy


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Solar thermal energy in modular systems for domestic supply

Doing away with a conventional heating system represents a genuine alternative for modern residential buildings with good thermal insulation in many cases. The combination of solar thermal collectors with a heat pump very often guarantees significant savings with reliable year-round supply.

HL 320 Modular system

The HL 320 modular system allows experiments on the generation, storage and use of heat from renewable energies. The modular concept of the HL 320 system allows you to create a variety of configurations.



E-Learning course


E-learn Kurs

GUNT supports technical education and engineering studies with a free E-Learning course on solar thermal energy.


  • multi-media online course, which enables learning independent of time and place

  • check through targeted review of the learning objectives

  • all content is free of charge - you are welcome to use extracts for your lectures


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