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HM 160.32

Ogee-crested weir with two weir outlets

2 ogee-crested weirs for the experimental flume, different weir outlets (chute only and chute with ski jump)

found with: [5weeks]

HM 160

Experimental flume 86x300mm

Experimental section for performing flow experiments in open flumes with lengths of 2,5m or 5m available, closed water circuit and inclination adjustment

HM 160.10

Extension element of the experimental flume

Additional element to extend the experimental section of HM 160 to 5m

HM 160.29

Sluice gate

Investigations on an undershoot weir, free discharge and submerged discharge under a sluice gate

HM 160.30

Set of plate weirs, four types

Flow over different sharp-crested weirs, investigations on an aerated overshoot weir

HM 160.31

Broad-crested weir

Flow behaviour on an underwater weir, free and submerged overfall at the broad-crested weir, effect of the weir edges on flow processes

HM 160.33

Crump weir

Flow behaviour on an underwater weir, weir according to E. S. Crump with defined inclinations both upstream and downstream

HM 160.34

Ogee-crested weir with pressure measurement

Overflow weir with manometer board for displaying the pressure characteristic

HM 160.35

Elements for energy dissipation

Energy dissipation downstream of an ogee-crested weir

HM 160.36

Siphon weir

Investigations the discharge capacity of the siphon weir with and without ventilation


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