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WP 300

Materials testing, 20kN

Training unit for basic experiments on materials testing: tensile tests, Brinell hardness tests, stress-strain diagrams

found with: [WP300]

WP 300.02

Set of 4 tensile specimens, Al, Cu, St, CuZn

Tensile specimens of round cross-section in accordance with DIN 50125

WP 300.03

Set of 4 hardness specimens, Al, Cu, St, CuZn

Square specimens for Brinell hardness testing

WP 300.04

Bending test device

Bending beam under point load

WP 300.05

Compression plates for compression tests, large

Sample holder for pressure testing of round specimens

WP 300.06

Experimental setup for spring test, helical spring, 2 sets

Easy to install test device for spring tests

WP 300.07

Experimental setup for spring test, disk spring

Easy to install test device for spring tests

WP 300.09

Laboratory trolley

Laboratory trolley for experimental units; with storage drawers and retractable sockets

WP 300.10

Device for shear tests, double-shear

Double-shear method based on DIN 50141 for determining shear strength; type of stress as with rivets and pins

WP 300.11

Device for cupping tests

Cupping test based on DIN 50101 T1 for quality assessment of thin sheet metal


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