Web Access Box for upgrading previously purchased GUNT devices


Have a look at this video to find out how to use the Web Access Box for remote learning.



GU 100



Remote learning with streaming of live images for PC, tablet, smartphone



For an optimal upgrade of your existing GUNT device for remote Learning, GUNT offers the » Web Access Box GU 100 as an optional accessory.


The Web Access Box is easily connected to the existing GUNT device via USB. Different end devices with web browsers can be used for tracking and evaluating the experiments.

The experimental units connected to GU 100 are network-compatible, i.e. they can be integrated into an existing network and accessed via a local terminal with the respective GUNT software in the network.
To access the experimental unit from outside, a suitable access to the customer's own network must be set up by the customer. This access enables remote access.



In the web browser on the device specific software interface, all information required for remote tracking of the experiments is displayed:


  • live streaming of experiments

  • process schematic

  • switching states of the experimental unit

  • current measured values

  • graphical visualisation of measured values

  • save measured data locally for further evaluation




Available devices with Web Access Box as optional accessory

Product area 3
Thermal engineering

Fundamentals of thermodynamics
WL 102  Change of state of gases
WL 103  Expansion of ideal gases
WL 220  Boiling process
WL 230  Condensation process
WL 362  Energy transfer by radiation
Heat exchangers
WL 225  Heat transfer in the fluidised bed
WL 315C  Comparison of various heat exchangers
WL 320  Wet cooling tower
Thermal fluid energy machines
ET 513  Single-stage piston compressor
ET 796  Gas turbine jet engine
ET 813  Two-cylinder steam engine
ET 850  Steam generator
ET 851  Axial steam turbine
ET 852  Steam generator, electrical
Internal combustion engines
CT 110  Test stand for single-cylinder engines, 7,5kW
CT 159  Modular test stand for single-cylinder engines, 3kW
HL 352  Test stand for oil, natural gas and propane gas burners

Product area 5
Process engineering

CE 100  Tubular reactor
CE 630  Solid-liquid extraction


Connection and application


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