GUNT Cold Play

GUNT Cold Play

Refrigeration and air conditioning technology - incl. heat pump

log p-h diagram

Digital features in GUNT equipment

Digital features
Digital features
Visual learning   Visual learning for more motivation to learn
Touch screen   Operation via touch screen with intuitive interface
Game-based learning   Game-based learning provides a playful training environment
Augmented reality   Augmented reality interface for immersive learning
E-Learning   E-Learning courses for online competitions and as a digital learning medium
MC symbol   Added informative value through digital content on GUNT's own web platform

Learn complex topics in a simple and playful way


Refrigeration cycle in the log p-h diagram


Refrigeration cycle


In refrigeration engineering, the state variables such as pressure, temperature and density are important as is the dependence of these state variables on each other. Using a log p-h diagram, the various state variables can be represented graphically according to their dependencies. Using the log p-h diagram greatly simplifies thermodynamic calculations and is essential for understanding how refrigerating plants work.

Air conditioning in the h-x diagram


h-x diagram


Air conditioning means affecting the condition of the room air in such a way that people feel comfortable and their capacity is not impaired. The condition of the air is characterised by temperature, pressure and humidity. The basic processes of air conditioning can be represented in the h-x diagram.

Learning with cognitive assistance systems


VL symbol Visual learning

Visual learning

Visual representation of complex theory that is otherwise invisible and can only be understood through calculation:

  • visible phase transitions
  • transparent condensers and evaporators
  • real time log p-h diagram

IA symbol Interactive teaching

Interactive teaching
  • increase motivation to learn: Learning can be fun!
  • interactivity and direct influence on the training environment
  • intuitive approach and trying things out
  • acquired knowledge is retained in the long term

AR symbol Augmented reality

Augmented reality

The playful interaction with complex systems, components and functions teaches new knowledge and skills in less time.

  • learning through experience and observation
  • finding information quickly

MC symbol The GUNT Science Media Center

Science Media Center

Digital data packages are available on GUNT's own platform:


  • quick and focused acquisition of information
  • selected according to didactic criteria
  • helpful in the development of digital skills
  • traditional learning content supplemented by digital content and methods



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GBL symbol From teaching to learning with game-based learning

Game-based learning

Successful learning through play

Using GUNT equipment and the GUNT Science Media Center, you can use the principles of game-based learning to kindle the desire to play and increase the motivation to learn.


Use the digital teaching materials, for example, to organise competitions in small groups or between universities.



Game-based learning

Our concept of hardware and digital features for gamified learning:


  • combination of simulation and real-world conditions: Set operating states directly on the device – the effect on the states in theory is directly visible on the monitor
  • run competitions with our online accessible media
  • solve assessments and tasks online
  • videos, animations and augmented reality experiences that enable visual learning and intuitive, playful use of the equipment

Learning areas from refrigeration and air conditioning technology

Thermodynamics of the refrigeration cycle

ET 380

ET 380 Refrigeration cycle: refrigeration plant and heat pump


  • design and function of a compression refrigeration system/heat pump
  • visible phase transitions in evaporator and condenser
  • real time log p-h diagram
  • dynamic display of the refrigerant mass flow rate
  • investigate the load dependency of a refrigerating plant



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Fundamentals of refrigeration and augmented reality experiences

ET 350

ET 350 Changes of state in the refrigeration circuit


  • representing and understanding the refrigeration cycle in the log p-h diagram
  • real time log p-h diagram
  • transparent components offer insights into the changes of state
  • function of the expansion valve is clearly visible
  • aggregate state of the refrigerant visible in the sight glass
  • augmented reality for visualisation of processes and components



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Principles of cold production

ET 360

ET 360 Refrigeration circuit with propane


  • propane refrigeration circuit with adjustable load
  • natural, environmentally friendly refrigerant with a CO2 equivalent of 0 tonnes
  • investigate steady-state and transient load behaviour
  • real time log p-h diagram
  • dynamic display of the refrigerant mass flow rate



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Components of refrigeration

ET 432

ET 432 Piston compressor in refrigeration


  • measure and evaluate typical characteristic variables of an open two-cylinder piston compressor from refrigeration engineering
  • different measured variables are displayed depending on speed or pressure ratio
  • determination of the volumetric efficiency, the isothermal compressor capacity and determination of the mechanical efficiency as well as the overall efficiency



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Fundamentals of air conditioning

ET 620

ET 620 Air conditioning and ventilation system


  • real time h-x diagram
  • high practical relevance thanks to real scale and use of commercially available components
  • manual or automatic operating modes, can be set via PLC
  • assembly and maintenance of an air conditioning and ventilation system
  • principles of room air conditioning



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Refrigeration and air conditioning

Refrigeration cycle


Air conditioning

Air conditioning technology

Main components of a compression refrigeration system

Components of refrigeration


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