PLC software of the WL 110 series


Screenshot Übersicht


  • overview of all available heat exchangers of the WL 110 series
  • detailed description of the supply unit WL 110 with information on setup
  • heat exchangers WL 110.01 – WL 110.05 with information on application


Screenshot Grundlagen

Basic knowledge

  • learning module with theoretical basics, content adapted to the accessories
  • educationally thought-out and media-rich learning content in the fi eld of heat transfer


Screenshot Vorbereitung

Experiment preparation

  • guided experimental setup
  • step-by-step guide visualizes connection of the individual elements


Screenshot Versuchsdurchführung

Experiment overview

  • experiment parameter settings
  • display of all current measured values
  • digital data acquisition
  • graphical representation of the measured values, e.g. temperature curve


Screenshot Hilfe

Help function

  • detailed description of the user interface
  • overview of all buttons


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