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CE 310

Supply unit for chemical reactors

Basic unit for investigation and comparison of different reactors during a saponification reaction

CE 310.01

Continuous stirred tank reactor

Tank for continuous or batch operation with agitator, heat exchanger and overflow

CE 310.02

Tubular reactor

Tube coil as a reaction tube in a water bath for continuous reaction operation

CE 310.03

Stirred tanks in series

Series connection of three stirred tank reactors

CE 310.04

Discontinuous stirred tank reactor

Dewar vessel with stirrer and heat exchanger for isothermal saponification reaction

CE 310.05

Plug-flow reactor

Continuously operated tubular reactor; fixed bed with glass spheres

CE 310.06

Laminar flow reactor

Continuously operated tubular reactor

EM 049

Equilibrium of moments on a two-arm lever

Investigation of applied forces, generated moments and equilibrium

ET 101

Simple compression refrigeration circuit

Cooling and heating of the heat exchangers directly tangible

ET 210

Fundamentals of wind power plants

Wind power plant with rotor blade adjustment and yaw angle adjustment


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